Hämeenlinna City Museum is an organization that comprises four museums: Skogster Museum, Palander House, Birthplace of Jean Sibelius, and Savings Bank Museum.

In addition, the City Museum serves as the regional responsibility museum for Tavastia Proper region, carrying out official duties as a specialist in cultural heritage and environmental matters. Hämeenlinna City Museum has a photograph archive with over 150,000 images and maintains an open-access library specialized in museum-related subjects. Our collections include over 50,000 museum objects.

Our museums are prominent tourist attractions and also play a part in educating the local students about cultural heritage. The City Museum’s office and research services, Savings Bank Museum, and our main exhibition space are located within Skogster Museum, right next to Hämeenlinna’s church. Palander’s House and Jean Sibelius Birthplace are just a five-minute walk away in the city center.

As the Tavastia Proper Regional Museum we act as a specialist in cultural heritage and environmental matters, fostering the development and advancement of museum activities in our region. We also work towards enhancing cooperation within our field and promoting the recording and digital accessibility of cultural heritage.

We welcome you to explore Hämeenlinna City Museum and the rich cultural heritage of our region!