Skogster Museum

At Skogster Museum, 3-5 changing exhibitions are presented annually, delving into the region’s history as well as the present day.

Museum Skogster’s temporary exhibitions have covered various topics, such as Finnish ceramics, the role of women in society, childcare, weddings and marriage, 1960s Hämeenlinna, popular culture, and the spiritual world.

In addition, Museum Skogster houses the oldest national savings bank museum in the Nordic countries, established in 1972. The permanent exhibition at the Savings Bank Museum offers an engaging perspective on the history of banking and the development of financial matters.

Palander House

The permanent exhibition at Palander House provides visitors with an opportunity to glimpse into the life of a bourgeois family in the city of Hämeenlinna a hundred years ago. The home museum showcases room ensembles from the grand hall to the kitchen used by the servants. The building was originates to 1860’s. The name of the museum is borrowed from a family that owned the house for quite a long time. Head of the family E.W. Palander served as a Russian language teacher at Hämeenlinna Lyceum from 1884 to 1904.

Birthplace of Jean Sibelius

In the permanent exhibition at Birthplace of Jean Sibelius, you can dive into the life and career of our internationally renowned national composer Jean Sibelius. The building, completed in 1834, has served as a museum since the 1960s and underwent extensive restoration in 2007. The museum offers a unique opportunity to explore Sibelius’s legacy and musical significance.

These exhibitions offer a diverse and fascinating experience, opening a window into the region’s history, art, and traditions.