Finland’s national composer Jean Sibelius (1865–1957) was born and lived the first 20 years of his life in Hämeenlinna. In this globally unique museum, you can explore young Janne’s life.

Sibelius’s Birthplace was completed in 1834 and has served as an important museum attraction since 1965. The collection on display at the museum includes furniture, documents, photographs, and small items that provide valuable information about Jean Sibelius’s boyhood and the life of Hämeenlinna during that era. The museum is an essential part of Hämeenlinna’s cultural heritage, offering valuable insights into both the composer and the history of the era.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, Sibelius’s Birthplace features a small museum shop where you can purchase books, postcards, jewelry, and souvenirs related to Sibelius. The museum also hosts various events. During regularly scheduled chamber concerts, we do not admit other museum visitors except for those attending the concert. Please contact us if you want more information about concerts!

Public guided tours in finnish are available on Saturdays at 2 PM. The presentation lasts a maximum of 30 minutes and is included in the admission ticket. Please note that during the presentation, we unfortunately cannot admit new customers.

Welcome to the birthplace of our national composer, Jean Sibelius!